Finally the Chinese Pop DIVA is back! After 17 years Na Ying is coming back with her NA World Concert in Genting next year to celebrate Valentine’s Day with you! Na World Concert is going on sale on 30th August 2018!

    Na Ying, three-time winner of the Favourite Female Artist in Mainland China award, with her unique vocals and explosive stage performance will stage her 2019 solo concert in Singapore. She was also the first singer from Mainland China to stage concerts in Taipei, Hong Kong, Japan, Macao. Na Ying is considered one of the today’s best female singers in Mainland China, having sold more than 10 million copies of albums. She gained fame with the release of her hit single “Conquering 征服” in 1998, with her rich alto and bright vocals, she captivated the audiences and this single went on to become one of the most popular Chinese song in history.

    Na Ying was one of the judges on the popular television singing show The Voice of China in 2012, and helped shaped many talented newcomers with her honest and warm guidance. Circle the date in your calendar, book your tickets and don’t miss the chance to catch this legendary mandopop star as she belt out her hit songs such as Conquering (征服), The Day Doesn‘t Know The Night (白天不懂夜的黑), Dream (梦一场), Totally (干脆), Sad and Romantic (心酸的浪漫), leave with a smile(一笑而过), Betray (出卖), 爱要有你才完美, Wake up (梦醒了), Sadness (默) and many more.

    • Your concert-going experience is enhanced exponentially with L-Acoustics’ world class audio system as it amplifies powerful, precise and pristine sound that excites and elevates your senses, giving you the ultimate immersive experience.
    • Date
      16 February 2019
    • Time
    • Location
      Arena of Stars

    • Seats for those with special needs are located in the easily accessible zone (marked with the wheelchair sign on the floor plan). For ticket reservations, please call:
      03-2718 1118.

      The concert starts at 8.30pm sharp, so please be seated by or before then.

      Late arrival may result in non-admittance until a suitable break in the performance.

  • TICKET LAUNCH - 30 August 2018

    Normal Price
    VIP RM908
    PS1 RM738
    PS2 RM638
    PS3 RM438
    PS4 RM208
    Genting Rewards Members' Cash / Credit Card Rates
    VIP RM817.20
    PS1 RM664.20
    PS2 RM574.20
    PS3 RM394.20
    PS4 RM208.00
    Genting Rewards Members' GP Redemption Rates
    VIP 817.20GP
    PS1 664.20GP
    PS2 574.20GP
    PS3 394.20GP
    PS4 208.00GP

    *Individual tickets are required for admission for adults, children of all ages and infants.
    **Ticket price is subject to RM3.80 processing fee until 31/12/2018; RM4 processing fee from 01/01/2019 onwards.

    Genting Members Promotion

    GP = Genting Points
    • 10% standard discount for GRC members via Genting Point Redemption and cash/credit card. Applicable for VIP - PS3 only.
    • RM47 standard CHILD ticket until 31/12/2018; RM50 standard CHILD ticket from 01/01/2019 onwards. (Children must be shorter than 95cm to be eligible for standard child ticket price without seat, while children taller than 95cm must purchase tickets according to the price scale. Terms and conditions apply, above 95cm must purchase tickets according to price scale.)

    • Admission is one person per ticket applicable across all ages including children of all ages and infants.
    • The discounted rates published above are only available to a stipulated number of tickets and are subject to change without prior notice.
    • Tickets are on a first-come, first-served basis and subject to availability.
    • Strictly no video recording and photography during the show.
    • Strictly no video camera, camera (professional or point-and-shoot) and tablet computers such as iPad, Samsung Galaxy Tab, etc to be brought into the venue.
    • Other terms and conditions apply.

    For booking, enquiries or redemption via GP, kindly contact (603) 2718 1118