Enjoy Thai hot pot in crisp mountain air at Awana Garden

Promotion: Now until 30.06.2024

Sawadee Set

If you’re craving a hearty and spicy tom yum soup in the cold air of the mountains, head to Awana Garden to enjoy the Sawadee special.

Piping hot tom yum meets our freshest ingredients at Resorts World Awana to bring the most authentic Thai flavours. Enjoy the Mini Set or the Family Set that retails for RM200 and RM500 respectively. 



Father’s Day Special 

Period: 14 - 16.06.2024

Celebrate your Super Dad with a super-hot deal. Enjoy 10% off when you order the Sawadee Set A or Set B during the Father’s Day weekend. 

Sawadee Special 

6pm – 9.30pm

For a limited time, enjoy Thai appetisers at Awana Garden with any meal. From the refreshingly light Glass Noodle Prawn Salad, to the savoury Crispy Thai Prawn Cake, and the staple Mango with Sticky Rice, these appetisers are sure to transport you straight to Thailand with its flavours. 


For reservations, call: +603 6436 9000 ext. 53020