Enjoy watching the dice roll in a cage. As they slowly come to a rest, the total of the numbers shown on the 3 dice will be the winning combination.

  • In the game of Mini Dice, you play against the House by betting House chips. Betting limits are displayed at the gaming table.
  • Place your bet in the betting layout at the gaming table before the dice cage is turned.
  • The game begins when the dealer rings the bell and announces, “No more bets.”
  • The dealer then turns the dice cage for a minimum of 3 rounds.
  • When the dice cage stops, the 3 dice will rest at the base of the cage. The winning combination will be the numbers indicated by the 3 dice facing up.
  • All games shall be valid whether the dice slants or rests as normal, except in cases where one dice rests on top of another.