Zhao Chuan & Pan Yue Yun Concert 2023

Arena of Stars

Taiwan's "Rock Tenor" Zhao Chuan and "Bel Canto Queen" Pan Yueyun last performed together in Malaysia in 2014. After 9 years, the two legends are returning to Malaysia this June with a show that is bound to have the audience singing along to their classic hits. Pan's singing voice is affectionate and gentle, and she is able to interpret various styles of music with her strong and unique vocal characteristics. She debuted in 1980 with the song "Tian Tian Lan Tian" and rose to popularity. Her representative works that touched the hearts of many fans include "Wo Shi Bu Shi Ni Zui Teng Ai De Ren", "Ye Bai he Ye You Chun Tian", "Qing Zi Zhe Tiao Lu", "Xie Xie Ni Cheng Ai Wo", "Gui Hua Xiang", "Chun Qing Qin Chun Meng", "Chi Chi De Deng" and so on.

Zhao Chuan, who is a veteran performer for 35 years, has dominated the Chinese music scene with his unique high-pitched voice. His rise to fame started in 1986, when he formed the "Red Cross Choir" and won in a musical championship. "Wo Shi Yi Zhi Xiao Xiao Niano", "Wo Zong Yu Shi Qu Liao Ni", "Wo Hen Chou Ke Shi Wo Hen Wen Rou", "Ai Yao Zen Me Shuo Chu Kou" are his iconic songs. In recent years, he has also appeared on many Chinese variety shows such as the fourth season of "I Am A Singer", "I Want to Sing with You" Season 2, and "Masked Singer".

Zhao and Pan met as early as 1988 when they sang "Ai Qing You Shen Me Dao Li". Zhao said in an interview a few days ago: "I have a deep relationship with Sister Pan. We used to collaborate a lot and have a tacit understanding." Now, the duo will come to Malaysia to sing together again, allowing their Malaysian fans to look forward to their next collaboration. 


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