Proudly show off your outfit of the day (OOTD) at FIVE of these stunning locations in Resorts World Genting!


(Credit: Left - @rad__harish/ Instagram, Right - @iffahhhhhhhh__/ Instagram)

Resorts World Genting has an abundance of spots for you to showcase your OOTD. From the calm and serene to the loud and lively, here are the top 5 picks to make your outfit stand out!


1. Studio Plaza, Genting SkyWorlds Theme Park


(Credit: @jemappllekiki / Instagram

The consistent colour combination of Genting SkyWorld’s Studio Plaza is very recognisable! Whether you want to stand in front of the fountain, or position yourself behind it to get a closer shot of the famous landmark, this spot is guaranteed to be perfect for your first OOTD capture with its retro aesthetics with an art deco flair. 

2. Crystal Bridge, SkyAvenue


(Credit: @jerrychang7512 / Instagram
The textured ceiling accompanied soft diffused lighting – this is another spot of its own in SkyAvenue. People who like a more modern backdrop to take their photos in will surely appreciate this place! As opposed to the more vibrant colours used in Genting SkyWorld’s Studio Plaza, these bridges in SkyAvenue have a more neutral tone suitable for all types of styles. 


3. Awana SkyWay


(Credit: @123airabyou / Instagram
Fancy a place to sit but with ample space for scenery? Then Awana SkyWay should be at the top of the list! It is here where you are able to capture an equal balance between the forest and sky. Moreover, you are even able to catch the different landmarks available throughout your cable car journey. Did you know? The rainforest that stretches the land below this location is 130 million years old! 


4. Skytropolis Indoor Theme Park


(Credit: @___angelineeee / Instagram)

In Skytropolis Indoor Theme Park, vibrant colours is the name of the game. This place is for you if you like the lively colours pouring into every corner. Here, everything is drowned by the neon-rich lighting, making your photos filled with so much energy! 


5. Chin Swee Caves Temple


(Credit: @junechey / Instagram)

If you prefer a cultural twist for your OOTD pictures, look no further than Chin Swee Caves Temple. Located at a high altitude, the area along the railing allows for an overview at the rainforest far beyond. This area is filled with different attractions like the Pagoda Temple, the statue of Buddha, the SkyTerrace and many more! Chin Swee Caves Temple, like many of the places stated in this article, rewards you for exploration as you slowly find more beautiful places to take your pictures!

Of course, there are many more attractions in Resorts World Genting for you to find and take those photos. So what are you waiting for now? Go for it!