Nestled in between 3,000 to 6,000 ft above sea level, Genting Nature Adventures is one of the planet’s oldest and uniquely diverse tropical rainforest experiences, offering an immerse and rich insight in to the biodiversity of Genting Highlands. Discover the never-before-seen natural wonders consisting of both plant life and animal inhabitants that made the highlands their home for millions of years.

Get up close and personal with various fauna and flora - encounter wild Siamangs, beautiful tropical birds and endangered highland pitcher plants. Learn more about them through narrated guided tours and interactive wayfinding as you hike through their majestic natural habitat and incredible landscape.



Awana Trail

On the Awana Trail, getting close to nature is literally as effortless as a walk in the park.

Nature’s Little Planters

A guided seed planting programme for little hands with a love for all things eco!

Do I need to make reservations to join Genting Nature Adventures experiences?
Yes, advance reservations are recommended. Alternately, you may approach Resorts World Awana Reception to register.

How do I make a payment?

We prefer cash as payment when purchasing the tickets at Resorts World Awana Reception.

What should I wear for hiking?
You are advised to wear long pants with long-sleeved shirts or cotton/dry-fit clothes. You can wear hiking shoes or trail running shoes for a simple trail like Awana Trail.

What should I bring along for a hike?
It is advisable to bring a raincoat, insect repellent, mini first aid kit, medication (if any), and whistle. Make sure that your mobile phone is fully charged and remember to bring along a water bottle to keep yourself hydrated.

What should I pack in my first aid kit?
Basic first aid essentials such as adhesive bandages (various sizes), medical tape, moleskin, sterile gauze, Benadryl, antibiotic ointment, and alcohol wipes.

Can I bring along children on my hikes?
Yes, the trail is child-friendly. Parent's supervision is required at all times.

What is the rate for child, senior citizen and the disabled?
Guests aged 7 and above require an admission ticket to join the Awana Trail guided tour. Standard ticket is priced at RM30 per person for hotel guest and RM45 per person for non hotel guest.

Where is the meet up point?
Please gather at Resorts World Awana Reception 15 minutes before the guided tour begins.

Where shall I park my car?
Please park your car at Resorts World Awana Multi-level Car Park.