Resorts World Awana is here to ignite your weekend with a lineup of activities that will speak directly to your inner self. Whether you're a movie buff, nature lover, history aficionado, weekend athlete, or a health-conscious foodie, we've got something just for you. Let's dive into the excitement that awaits us!


1.  The Little Nature/Food Lovers


Let your kids embrace nature at Resorts World Awana! With our Back to Nature Staycation packages, your little ones would be delighted to stay and play at our nature-inspired resort.




Indulge in the ultimate culinary experience with the Little Foodie's Staycation, where your little ones will embark on a culinary adventure, exploring the magical world of Stingless Bee Honey Harvesting and unleashing their creativity in the Little Baker experience, decorating cupcakes to their heart's content.


As for the budding explorers and dirt enthusiasts, our Little Eco Warrior's Staycation package promises a hands-on seed-planting experience through our Nature's Little Planters experience, allowing kids to cultivate their green thumbs while nurturing a deep love for nature and gardening. In addition, you and your family will also get to immerse yourself in the wonders of the rainforest through a guided nature tour on the Awana Trail.

Each package comes with: 

- A comfortable 2D1N stay in a newly-renovated Superior Deluxe room at Resorts World Awana

- Healthy breakfast for two (02) adults and two (02) kids at Jom Makan Awana

- Two (02) kid-friendly activities depending on your preferred staycation package:
a) Little Foodie’s Staycation: Stingless Bee Honey Harvesting activity for two (02) kids; Little Baker experience for two (02) kids
b) Little Eco Warrior’s Staycation: Nature’s Little Planters activity for two (02) kids; Guided nature tour (2 – 3 hours) on the Awana Trail with Genting Nature Adventures for two (02) adults and two (02) kids


2.  The History Buff


Experience the history of Resorts World Genting from the past, present, and future through our engaging enrichment talks. Held at the lobby every Friday and Saturday, discover the intriguing stories and insights that shaped this iconic destination, leaving you with a deeper appreciation for its remarkable evolution.


3.  The Nature Lover


Nature lovers, rejoice! At Resorts World Awana, we understand your yearning for the great outdoors. Join us for awe-inspiring nature tours with Genting Nature Adventures. Explore the breathtaking rainforest surrounding the resort and experience the true essence of untouched beauty. Whether you're a weekend warrior, hiking enthusiast, or simply seeking a back-to-nature escape, this is your chance to find serenity amidst Mother Nature.


4.  The Weekend Athlete


Are you ready to get your heart pumping and conquer new challenges? Our Sports Centre is the ultimate playground for a weekend full of athleticism and exhilaration. Swing by our indoor golf facility, join high-energy fitness classes, and push your limits with HIIT Bootcamp and MMA Body Combat sessions. Not to mention, we've got tennis, basketball, and futsal courts, ready for some friendly competition. Get your adrenaline pumping and unleash the Chloe Ting within you!


5.  The Healthy Foodie


Attention, health-conscious foodies! Resorts World Awana is your culinary haven. Visit Ayu Awana, Jom Makan Awana, and Awana Garden to discover a delightful selection of healthy eats. Indulge in nourishing dishes that cater to your well-being without compromising on taste. It's the perfect blend of flavours and nutrition.


6.  The Movie Buffs


Image credit: Corina Rainer / Unsplash  

Calling all movie buffs! Get ready for a cinematic treat like no other. Join us for free movie screenings under the stars at the hotel lobby every Friday and Saturday. It's a cinematic treat that will transport you to new worlds and ignite your love for the silver screen.

So don't wait any longer! Come book a stay here at Resorts World Awana and get ready to kickstart your weekend with our awesome activities! It's time to create unforgettable memories and embrace the excitement that awaits!