Do you remember the first time you visited Resorts World Genting? Was it a long time ago, and do you still feel nostalgic about it?

In reminiscing about our journey as an integrated resort, we took a step down memory lane, and spoke to some of our colleagues about their first-time experiences at Resorts World Genting. 

Wei Yi, Marketing

Wei Yi first visited Resorts World Genting at the age of four with her family. Captivated by the magical cable car ride that seems to rise through the clouds, she recalls Resorts World Genting as a fascinating venue. 

This was where she experienced her first roller coaster ride, remembering the wind whipping through her hair as she navigated the loops and turns.


“As a 4-year old back in the early 2000s, I remember how busy the First World Hotel was. The hotel lobby was so lively, and the atmosphere around was always so stimulating. 

“I remember heading to the arcade games with my older sister, and feeling very sad when it was time to leave.” It was precisely this unforgettable moment in 2006 that inspired her years later, to create magical experiences for others as an employee at Resorts World Genting.”

Kok Chee, Marketing

Kok Chee fondly recalls his daughter Mavis’s first visit to Resorts World Genting in 2009 when she was six years old. He cherishes this place not only as a place of family bonding, but also for its significance as the location of his first date with his now-wife. “Our daughter’s first theme park experience was here, and everytime I step into the theme park, I am reminded of her giggly laughs as a child, even though she is now a whole head taller than me!” 


Fun fact: This picture from 2009 was at the Genting Outdoor Theme Park, now known as the Genting SkyWorlds Theme Park.

Marcus Lee, Content

Marcus first visited Genting Highlands in 1996 with his family. The memory is hazy for him but the most vivid memory of his is getting lost in the “maze” at the Talking Garden behind the Theme Park Hotel. 

He would return there a few more times over the years and like many parents in 2023, he was forced up the hill by the siren song of Cocomelon. 


“I had heard about the Cocomelon Playland from my wife and I knew that it was inevitable that we’d make the trip up. Luckily, we spotted a deal at Resorts World Awana for a play and stay combo with 1x Genting SkyWorld tickets and a nights stay.


“It was really affordable and we bought a night for my parents too so that we could get another ticket to the park. It’s amazing to think that my parents brought me up there once for my enjoyment when I was a kid and here I am, nearly 30 years later bringing them up to play with my kids.”

What do you think of our colleagues' stories? On your next visit to Resorts World Genting, we hope you create wonderful moments with your family and loved ones that you will cherish forever. 

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