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Ella & WeiBird《Powerhouse LIVE Concert》

24.08.2024 (Saturday) 
Arena of Stars

When “Golden Melody Talented Composer” WeiBird meets “Asia Queen” Ella Chen, what kind of sparks will emerge from each? The two will sing to the Arena of Stars to bring fans a romantic concert. They will be singing their famous songs, such as Ella’s “Love Addiction”, “How Old Are You”, WeiBird's “Red Scarf”, “Hai Shi Hui”, “Girl”, etc., each one can make fans instantly fall into it in the prelude! This time they chose "World of Two" as the theme, as if to show their fans their unique musical style and resonance. How two talented singers will convey "World of Two" to fans through music, how exciting!

Recently, Ella also announced the release of a new album! In 2015, Ella released her first music album “WHY NOT”, and won the Most Popular Female Singer Award in Hong Kong and Taiwan at the MTV Asia Golden Melody Awards for this album. Her first solo album showcases her eclectic musical style and the infectious power of her voice. After nine years, Ella finally meets everyone with her second solo album “BAD HABITS”! “BAD HABITS” brings together Ella’s musical experience and in-depth thinking over the years, and includes a total of ten new songs. Each song seems to be an important chapter in her musical journey, full of resonance. After the album was released, she achieved great results in terms of physical album sales and her outstanding performance in stage performances was obvious to all. Therefore, she was awarded the “Peak Hong Kong and Taiwan Female Singer of the Year” award at the QQ Music Summit Ceremony.

Last year, Ella even participated in the popular variety show “Sisters Who Make Waves 2023” and sang “Not Yet Lovers” in the first performance, which instantly awakened everyone's youthful memories and set off a climax; after nearly three months of fierce competition, Ella finally stood out and successfully won the championship of “Sisters 2023”. I wonder if this classic song will be brought to the stage this time and let the audience sing in a chorus! 

WeiBird, the "Golden Melody Talented Composer" who has many fans in Malaysia, has always been looking forward to his arrival. No matter how many times WeiBird comes, it is never enough. He often shouts, “Hurry up and arrange the Malaysian station! If possible, we will I want to see you again tomorrow!” Finally, WeiBird heard the fans’ voices and decided to meet everyone in Resorts World Genting on 24 August to fulfill the dreams of many fans!

WeiBird’s musical journey began in 2006 when he participated in the campus singing competition held by China Television’s “Happy Sunday” at National Taiwan University. Subsequently, he launched his first EP “Slowly Wait” in 2009, launching his music career. In 2010, WeiBird released his self-titled album, for which he won the Best Newcomer Award at the 22nd Taiwan Golden Melody Awards. Since then, WeiBird has successively released a number of solo albums, including “Someone is Waiting” in 2012, “Journey Into The Night” in 2014, and “It All Started From An Intro” in 2016, all of which have achieved extremely high reviews and sales. In addition, his music works have been recognized by important music awards such as the Golden Melody Award. WeiBird has always insisted on pursuing breakthroughs and innovations in music creation. He positions his style as “Wei’s Style” and constantly tries to inject new elements into pop ballads, challenging himself and creating music with unique personal characteristics. In 2021, WeiBird released the single “Red Scarf”, which became an instant hit on the entire Internet. This song was even shortlisted for the “33rd Golden Melody Award”. Last year, WeiBird participated in the music program “Infinity and Beyond 2023” once again demonstrated his outstanding musical talents and won the applause and praise of many fans.


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