Welcome to Awana SkyWay!

Fly up in just 10 minutes from the Awana Station at mid-hill to the SkyAvenue Station at the peak. With the same ticket, you get a free stop at the Chin Swee Station, where you can explore the beautiful Chin Swee Caves Temple and its magnificent surroundings at no extra cost.

Awana SkyWay Operating Hours:
Daily 7am – 11pm

Chin Swee Station Operating Hours:
Daily 7am – 11pm

Important Info

Fly higher without the weight of your wallet. We’re going cashless! 

From 20.11.2023 onwards, Awana SkyWay bids goodbye to cash payments and hello to savvy, contactless payment methods.
Only debit and credit cards, QR Pay, major e-wallets and Genting Points are accepted at our self-service ticketing kiosks and counters.

Park and ride

Leave your car at the Awana SkyCentral car park (adjoining Genting Highlands Premium Outlets) so you can board the cable car from the Awana Station.

Standard Gondola

One-way RM10 l Return RM18

  • Ride on Standard gondola
  • Shared ride (8 – 10 passengers per gondola)
  • Normal boarding at Lane A, B & C
  • Complimentary stopover at Chin Swee Caves Temple
Standard Gondola With Express Boarding

One-way RM16 l Return RM30

  • Ride on Standard gondola
  • Shared ride (8 – 10 passengers per gondola)
  • Express boarding at Lane D
  • Complimentary stopover at Chin Swee Caves Temple
Glass Floor Gondola
Ticket TypeNormal PriceOnline Exclusive Rate
One-wayRM30RM27 (SAVE RM3)
ReturnRM50RM44 (SAVE RM6)
  • Ride on Glass Floor gondola
  • Shared ride (6 passengers per gondola)
  • Dedicated boarding at Lane E
  • Complimentary stopover at Chin Swee Caves Temple
  • Online tickets must be purchased one (01) day before taking the glass floor gondola
Chartered Gondola

One-way RM300 l Return RM550

  • Available for Standard or Glass Floor Gondola
  • Private cable car ride (non-sharing)
  • Passenger limit: 10 pax for Standard gondola, 6 pax for Glass Floor gondola
  • Express boarding lanes: Lane D for Standard gondola, Lane E for Glass Floor gondola
  • Complimentary stopover at Chin Swee Caves Temple
Other Rates
Standard Gondola*
Ticket Type One-Way Return 
Malaysian Senior CitizenRM5RM9
Malaysian Senior Citizen (Express Boarding)RM9RM17
Oversized BaggageRM20RM35
Genting Rewards*   

*Not applicable Online
Glass Floor Gondola
Ticket Type One-Way Return 
Malaysian Senior CitizenRM12RM24
Malaysian Senior Citizen (Express Boarding)--
Oversized BaggageRM20RM35
Genting Rewards*   

*Not applicable Online

* Pricing for Standard Gondola is applicable at Genting SkyWay in the event that the Awana SkyWay is closed for maintenance.
* Glass Floor Gondola is not applicable at Genting SkyWay.

Level 2 of the Awana SkyCentral

Operating Hours: 24hrs

Small  450mm (L) x 550mm (W) x 330mm (H)  RM20
Medium  450mm (L) x 550mm (W) x 500mm (H)  RM40
 Large   550mm (L) x 550mm (W) x 1000mm (H)   RM60 

1) Child with the height below 90cm entitles for a free ride.

2) Awana SkyWay is a non-smoking attraction. Smoking of any product that produces smoke or vapour is strictly prohibited throughout the journey.

3) Pets are prohibited in and around the vicinity, including all stations and inside the gondola.

4) Guests aged 16 or under must be accompanied by a supervising companion with valid tickets, passes or wristbands and must be supervised at all times. We reserve the right to refuse entry to unaccompanied guests aged 16 or under.

5) During the maintenance closure of Awana SkyWay, the cable car services will begin at the Genting SkyWay Station, a 15-minutes’ drive away from Awana Station.

6) If you wish to disembark at Chin Swee Station, please keep your ticket(s) or QR code(s) in order to continue your journey to the top or leaving the resort from Awana Station.

7) Please be reminded that each passenger is allowed to bring along one aircraft cabin size bag into the gondola. A surcharge of RM20 (one-way) or RM35 (return) will be imposed for bringing an oversized baggage into the cable car.

8) Each Standard Gondola can seat 10 passengers, including children. Glass floor gondolas can seat 6 passengers.

9) Glass floor gondola is only available at Awana SkyWay.

10) Wheelchair and stroller access are available for Standard Gondola. Only baby strollers are allowed in the Glass floor gondolas. Please inform our Team Members for assistance prior to boarding.

11) Please dress in appropriate attire at all times while taking the ride with Awana SkyWay.

12) Guests are reminded to take care of their own belongings at all times, as the Management will not be liable for any form of damage or loss which may occur throughout the guest(s)’ journey, regardless if the damage or loss was caused by our negligence or otherwise.

13) If you have any comments or suggestions, please contact a Team Member of the Awana SkyWay, who will be happy to assist you.

14) If there is any conflict or inconsistency between the English and other language versions of Awana SkyWay rules and regulations, the English version shall prevail.

15) The Management reserves the right to take photographs and make audio and/or visual recordings in and around non-guest restricted areas of Awana SkyWay from time to time and use the resulting images and audio and/or visual recordings, which may capture the portrait and/or voice of visitors, for reasonable purposes without payment to any person.

16) Taking photos and making audio and/or visual recordings in and around non-guest restricted areas of Awana SkyWay for private use is permitted as long as other visitors are not disturbed or affected. Professional photography and videography used for commercial purposes must seek written permission from the Management.General Tick

1) The purchase of an Awana SkyWay (“SkyWay”) ticket (”Ticket”), or online ticket (“Online Ticket”) implies your acceptance of Awana SkyWay Rules & Regulations (“Rules & Regulations”) and General Ticketing Terms & Conditions.

2) Tickets may be declined if it:
(a) has expired;
(b) is invalid;
(c) was reported lost or stolen;
(d) is damaged;
(e) has been altered, defaced, re-printed or re-embossed; or
(f) contains other irregularities on its surface.

3) Tickets for Malaysian Senior Citizen and Orang Kurang Upaya (OKU) are sold at the ticketing counter only. Presentation of Identity Card and OKU card is required for verification purposes.

4) Ticket(s) or QR code(s) redemption is valid for 72 hours from the date of visit at Awana SkyWay during its regular operating hours.

5) Ticket(s) or QR code(s) must be scanned at the turnstile for boarding. Please follow the designated lane based on the ticket type:
a. Standard Gondola - Lane A, B & C
b. Express Boarding - Lane D
c. Glass Floor Gondola - Lane E

1) Scan the QR code(s) printed on the confirmation email at the turnstile for direct boarding without exchanging a physical ticket at the ticketing counter.

2) All guest(s) must retain their confirmation email(s) for inspection. The Management reserves the right to deny redemption for any guest(s) who are not in possession of a valid confirmation email.

3) No request to change the validity date of the confirmation email(s) shall be entertained.

4) The confirmation email is strictly non-transferable, not for sale or exchange and non-refundable under any circumstances, including external factors beyond our reasonable control (e.g. haze, inclement weather, governmental acts, acts of God, riots or strikes) and will be void if altered, defaced or tampered.

5) The Management reserves the right to:
a. Require additional information or proof of identity from you for the purpose of redeeming the Tickets; and
b. Deny your confirmation email redemption if you breach these Terms & Conditions or if, in our reasonable opinion, the transaction is fraudulent.

6) No delay or failure on our part in exercising any right, power or remedy under these Terms & Conditions shall operate as a waiver of such right, power or remedy.

7) These Terms & Conditions shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of Malaysia and you hereby agree to submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Malaysia.

8) The Management reserves the right to review and revise these Terms & Conditions at any time.

9) These Terms & Conditions and the Rules & Regulations (including all subsequent amendments and updates to either or both of them) will be published at Resorts World Genting official website at https://www.rwgenting.com/gettinghere/awanaskyway/

How long is Awana SkyWay?
It is 2.8 kilometres from Awana Station to SkyAvenue Station.

How high does Awana SkyWay take passengers?
The ascent from Awana Station (1,105 metres above sea level) to SkyAvenue Station (1,725 metres above sea level) is 620 metres.

How long is the journey from one end to the other?
The trip from Awana Station to SkyAvenue Station takes about 10 minutes.

How many stations are there and can I stop midway?
There are three stations – Awana, Chin Swee and SkyAvenue. You can disembark at Chin Swee station at no extra cost and use the same ticket to continue your journey either to the peak or to the Awana station.

Where can I board the cable car?
Passengers can board at Awana Station, Chin Swee Station and SkyAvenue Station.

What is the price of a ticket?
For the standard gondola, tickets are RM10 per person or 9GP for Genting Rewards Card members. An express boarding pass can be purchased for RM16. For the glass-floor gondola, tickets are RM30 per person or 30GP for Genting Rewards Card members.

Where can I purchase a ticket?
The Awana SkyWay ticketing counters are located at the Awana Station (Level 4, Awana SkyWay building) and SkyAvenue Station (Level 4, SkyAvenue).

How can I get to Awana SkyWay from SkyAvenue?
You may follow the directional signages to guide you to the SkyAvenue station located on Level 4, SkyAvenue.

How can I get to Awana SkyWay from Awana Bus Terminal?
Once you reach Awana Bus Terminal, you can proceed to Level 4 of the building to board the cable car. There are directional signages to guide you along the way.

How can visitors get to Awana SkyWay from Awana Hotel?
Free shuttle bus service is available from Awana Hotel to Awana SkyWay.

How many passengers can fit into a gondola?
Each standard gondola can seat 10 passengers while glass floor gondolas can seat six passengers.

How many passengers can Awana SkyWay transport every hour?
Awana SkyWay can carry 3,000 passengers per hour each way.

How fast does the cable car travel?
The gondolas travel at a top speed of 6 metres per second.

How many gondolas are there on Awana SkyWay?
There are 100 gondolas on the line, including 10 which are fitted with glass floors.

How many towers does Awana SkyWay have?
There are 22 towers in total, with the tallest tower standing at 53 metres high.

Can I bring my luggage on the gondola?
Passengers can take along one aircraft cabin size bag per passenger on the gondola. Oversized baggage can be stored at the Baggage Storage Service located at Level 2 of the Awana SkyWay building.