Earn up to 8x Points* on Genting Rewards Member’s Day
*Genting Points & Tier Points

Every 18th of the month from January to December 2024

The 18th of every month just got a whole lot more exciting! Mark your calendars, because Genting Rewards Member's Day is back to shower you with epic point rewards and exclusive treats.

Earn 5X Genting Points, from participating F&B outlets, SkyWay, Petron, Limousine, bus tickets to thrilling theme parks! Climb the Tier ladder faster with bonus Tier Points and unlock even more incredible benefits. Plus, we've got special promotions and surprises waiting around every corner, just for you.

So, gear up for a day of point-boosting fun, delicious indulgences, and unforgettable memories at Resorts World Genting and Awana! Get ready to laugh, play, and celebrate with every swipe of your Genting Rewards card!

Special Genting Point Promotion

Get ready for surprises and delight! Member's Day is more than just multiplied points and accelerated tiers. We're showering you with exclusive deals and limited-time offers.

Special GP Promotion
Deduct 5GP for RM30 F&B voucher
Deduct 10GP for RM50 F&B voucher


  • Exclusively valid on the 18th of each month, and valid for one (01) day only.
  • Redeemable via i-Kiosk / RWG APP. Limited voucher available, first-come, first-served basis.
  • Voucher acceptable solely at F&B outlets that are awarding 5X Genting Points only.


Award 5X Genting Points

Watch your points soar: Every swipe, every experience, every moment earns you FIVE times the usual Genting Points on Member's Day! From SkyWay to dining delights, let your points skyrocket and fuel your adventures.


Earn Extra Tier Points

Reach new levels of Rewards: The higher you climb, the more rewarding your Genting experience becomes! Member's Day is your chance to earn more points to unlock a world of exclusive privileges and truly elevate your resort experience.


Award up to 8X points at the following participating outlets

8X Tier Points only8X Tier Points & 5X Genting Points
2X Tier Points
ShoppingTheme Park F&B Others Casino
  • All Genting Rewards participating outlets at Resorts World Genting, Genting Highlands Premium Outlets & Johor Premium Outlets
  • Genting SkyWorlds Theme Park
  • Skytropolis Indoor Theme Park
  • Genting Bowl
  • Awana SkyWay

Retail Shops

  • Studio Emporium
  • Rio Mercado
  • EPIC Gifts*
  • Cavern Treasures
  • ESD Exchange
  • Museum Store*
  • Freedom Shop
  • Redwoods Trading Post*
  • Flathead Floyd’s Mart*
  • Galaxy Store
  • Genting SkyWorlds Pushcart (New)
  • Skytropolis Retail Kiosk (New)


  • Taiko Ramen (New)
  • Highline
  • Harry Ramsden
  • Jom Makan – Food Street
  • Jom Makan – Sky Avenue
  • Wolfgang Steakhouse Lounge (New)
  • Wolfgang Steakhouse (New)
  • Burger & Lobster (New)
  • Redtail Genting
  • Redtail Karaoke
  • Redtail Sports Bar
  • FUHU Bar & Restaurant
  • Zouk Genting
  • Zouk Empire
  • Grand Cha Chaan Teng

Flavours of Genting (F&B) (New)

  • Genting Grand Lobby
  • First World Lobby Floor
  • SkyAvenue (Malaysian Food – Street entrance)

Crockfords (New)

  • Crockfords Lobby Café

Genting Grand & Highlands Hotel

  • Genting Palace
  • Genting Garden Hotpot
  • The Bakery
  • Lobby Lounge
  • Petron**
  • Express Bus (New)
  • Limousine Service (New)
  • Studio-K (Karaoke)

**Applicable to Petron at Resorts World Genting only (Top Hill)

  • Genting Casino
  • SkyCasino
  • Genting Club 

Genting SkyWorlds Theme Park F&B

  • Trattoria IL Lago
  • Han’s Cha Chaan Teng*
  • Buck’s Café*
  • Vila Festa
  • Genting Secret Garden Hotpot – GSW (New)
  • Lakeside Market (New)

Genting SkyWorlds Theme Park F&B Kiosks

  • Golden Gate Garage
  • Jet Pack
  • Exo Grab 'N' Go
  • Harry Ramsden Fish & Chips
  • Crash And Eddie's Frozen Treats
  • Mub & Grub's BIG Bites*
  • Santa Teresa Trolley Treats

Resorts World Awana F&B

  • Jom Makan Awana (New)
  • Awana Garden
  • AYU Awana
  • Golf Terrace
  • Cheeky Grind

*Outlet(s) temporarily closed


  • Offer is subject to each outlet’s operational status. If any of the participating outlets are closed during the promotional period, then the offer will not be available.
  1. This promotion is open to all valid Genting Rewards members, including SkyCard members.
  2. The promotion is applicable on the 18th of each month from January until December 2024.
  3. The “Special Genting Points Promotion” is exclusively valid on the 18th of each month, and the voucher is valid for one (01) day only. Limited voucher available and redeemable through i-Kiosk / Resorts World Genting (RWG) APP. Subject to first-come, first-served basis.
  4. The F&B voucher is acceptable solely at selected F&B outlets that are awarding 5X Genting Points at Resorts World Genting. No cancellations or refunds will be entertained once the voucher is redeemed from i-Kiosk or RWG APP.
  5. Genting Rewards members may enjoy 2X Tier Points (TP) for every 1GP earned from all gaming areas on the 18th of each month.
  6. Members can earn 5X Genting Points (GP) for every RM1 spent via cash, credit / debit card, or e-wallet payment exclusively at the participating outlets owned by Resorts World Genting listed above.
  7. Members can earn 8X Tier Points (TP) for every RM1 spent via cash, credit/debit card, or e-wallet payment at participating outlets (excluding hotels), including participating outlets at Genting Highlands Premium Outlets (GHPO) & Johor Premium Outlets (JPO).
  8. Extra Genting Points and Tier Points for spending at Genting SkyWorlds Theme Park, Skytropolis Indoor Theme Park and Awana SkyWay tickets are solely based on the Date of Utilisation.
  9. The offer is subject to each outlet’s operational status. In the event that any participating outlet is closed during the promotional period, members will be ineligible to enjoy the offer at that specific location.
  10. Genting Rewards members must be personally present during payment and present a valid and unexpired Genting Rewards or SkyCard to qualify for the extra TP and/or GP earnings.
  11. Requests or appeals for the reimbursement of TP and/or GP shall not be entertained in the event that the Genting Rewards member is not personally present to produce a valid Genting Rewards or SkyCard upon payment.
  12. The offer and any unused amount/value of the voucher are non-transferable, extendable, refundable or exchangeable for cash or any other form for whatever reason.
  13. Genting Malaysia Berhad reserves the right to cancel, add or amend the Campaign, Promotion, Offers and Terms & Conditions at any time without prior notice.