Resorts World Kijal first opened its doors in 1996 (then called Awana Kijal, Golf, Beach and Spa Resort) and has remained one of the only hotels with a strip of beach where turtles still return to lay their eggs every year. 

Stretching nearly 8km, the beach where Resorts World Kijal is set against is pristine and well-kept by the staff at Resorts World Kijal as well as conservationists. Let’s find out about the baby turtle release experience at Resorts World Kijal.

1.  Where is Resorts World Kijal?

The resort is a 4-hour drive  from KL and is located at Kemaman, Terengganu. Away from the hustle of Redang and Perhentian islands, the little district of Kijal is known for its slower pace and uncrowded beaches.

2.  When is nesting season for the turtles?

Nesting season is roughly from April till October and there’s no exact date. However, there’s been 76 recorded nesting activities on the beach and lucky travellers have had the chance to witness live nesting on the beach at night.

3.  What turtles typically nest at Resorts World Kijal?

The turtles you may find here are mainly the common Green Turtle and the occasional Hawksbill Turtle. During the nesting season, mother turtles will come ashore to dig a hole in the sand and lay eggs. A total number of 80 – 120 eggs are often laid. The mother turtles return back to the sea after covering their nests with sand to ensure that they are safe from being preyed upon.

4.  What is the baby turtle release like?

When you purchase the turtle release package at Resorts World Kijal, you’ll be allowed to release two baby turtles into the sea. There will be training on how to handle the turtles and how to release them. 

The turtles have to be let go 5 metres away from the beach as they imprint on the sand and the females will return to the beach to nest after about 20 years once they’ve reached maturity. 

It’s a sacred journey for these turtles and one that anyone can appreciate.

5.  What else comes with the Baby Turtle Release Package?

Bookings are available for check-in on Fridays only and each package also comes with a 3D2N stay in a Premier Seaview Room at Resorts World Kijal and daily buffet breakfast for two (02) at Restoran Kampong. 

Enjoy breakfast and dinner by the beach or take in the huge pool area during the evening. 

Don’t miss this experience to contribute to the conservation of turtles in Terengganu.

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