Genting Rewards Tier Match Programme

The Tier Match Programme allows existing Genting Rewards members and non-Genting Rewards members with a membership or loyalty card of other casinos to advance and match their status with the Genting Rewards Programme.


Here’s how it works


Step 1

Present your membership of the highest tier with other casinos to get a matching Genting Rewards tier status

Step 2

Join the Genting Rewards membership programme to unlock a world of better rewards

Step 3

Earn the corresponding Tier Points each calendar year to maintain your tier status


Genting Rewards Membership TierTier Match Pre-requisiteTier Points (TP) Requirements To Upgrade/ Maintain Your Tier

Genting Rewards Silver

Present any other casino loyalty membership card that is equivalent to Genting Rewards Silver status

Earn 100TP or more after
tier matching

Genting Rewards Gold

Present any other casino loyalty membership card that is equivalent to Genting Rewards Gold status

Earn 300TP or more after
tier matching



Terms and conditions

  1. The Genting Rewards Tier Match programme is available to all new and existing Genting Rewards members (excluding SkyCard and employee card types).
  2. Genting Rewards members must approach the Guest Services Counter with your NRIC/ passport at Resorts World Genting. Present your current, unexpired membership card (with your name imprinted on the card) from another casino to be considered for a tier match.
  3. The matched tiers are subject to Genting Rewards membership structure rules and will be valid in the same calendar year only.
  4. Each member is eligible to utilise the Genting Rewards Tier Match Programme once (01) during the entire membership tenure, regardless of how many cards from other casinos you possess.
  5. Genting Rewards members are required to earn the pre-requisite Tier Points (TP) of each tier to maintain your membership status for the following year.
  6. Genting Rewards members who earned the required tier break amount of Tier Points will be eligible for an upgrade, except for the Genting Rewards Platinum tier which is subject to approval and by invitation basis.
  7. The tier break requirements remain unchanged as such 100TP (Silver), 300TP (Gold), and 10,000TP for Platinum (by invitation).
  8. Tier Points are only valid for one calendar year (January to December) and will be reset to zero as of 1st January annually.
  9. The benefits & privileges accorded to the Genting Rewards members are non-transferable. To enjoy the benefits and privileges, you must present your Genting Rewards card personally.
  10. Individuals who are currently entered into certain self-limit, self-exclusion, exclusion, and/or disassociated persons programs (or are otherwise prohibited from participating by applicable law) are not eligible to participate in the Genting Rewards Tier Match Programme.
  11. Individuals prohibited from gaming or entering the Resorts World Genting casino by law or for any other reasons are not eligible to participate in the Programme.
  12. Genting Malaysia Berhad reserves the right to cancel, amend or modify any of the terms and conditions contained herein (as may be revised by Genting Malaysia Berhad from time to time) at its sole and absolute discretion without prior notice.