Flavours of Genting


Delicious gifts you’ll never forget

Resorts World Genting launches food gift selection under Flavours of Genting brand.

Visitors to Malaysia’s favourite mountain destination will now be able to bring home a taste of Resorts World Genting’s unique culinary offerings with the launch of the Flavours of Genting brand. This new in-house brand will encompass unique food items produced by the resort’s Central Kitchen headed by chef Supachai Saisoigeon, AVP Culinary – Central Kitchen, and renowned dim sum chef, Gan Chee Keong.

The initial range of seven items were selected for their originality, authentic taste, and interest value. Each recipe is proprietary to Resorts World Genting, and in the case of the pineapple tarts, famed for their taste, flavour and texture. Items in the range include pu er tea cakes, pandan cookies, red bean paste biscuits, durian biscuits, mung bean biscuits (tau sa pia), fruit cake loaf infused with cognac, and the aforementioned pineapple tarts, which was once only available during the Chinese New Year period.

This once-seasonal gift has been one of Resorts World Genting’s most popular food item for over a decade, and will now be available year-round in boxes of 12 individually wrapped pieces, priced at RM47 per box for non-Genting members, and RM33 for members.

The Goh Tong pu er tea cakes are a tribute to Resorts World Genting founder, Lim Goh Tong, who had a vast tea collection, and was known as a connoisseur of luxury Chinese tea. The Goh Tong pu er tea cakes are made from select pu er tea harvested from Yunan province, one of the finest pu er regions in China. The tea is believed to promote digestion, help in the maintenance of a healthy weight, and reduce cholesterol. The pu er cakes come in two variants: raw (Sheng Cha) and cooked (Shu Cha). Raw pu er begins tannic and bitter, but slowly ages into a lively, robust beverage as it is aged. Shu Cha is known for its smooth, mellow taste profile. Both tea variants, with their toasty flavours are a perfect complement to the biscuits in the Flavours of Genting range.

The raw tea cake is priced at RM98 for non-Genting members, and RM78 for members. The cooked tea retails for RM78 for members and RM88 for non-members.

Each of the edible items are presented in gift boxes for convenient souvenir gifting. Most of the items are certified pork-free, although the fruit cake (RM55) contains cognac.

The gift items are available for purchase at special counters at the entrance of Coffee Terrace in Genting Grand Hotel, and at the stand in the First World Hotel foyer.

The Flavours of Genting series is also available for bulk order for corporate gifts and as premium items.

Fruits Cake infused with Cognac - RM55
The Best in Malaysia! Pineapple Tarts [12 nos] - Member: RM33 | Non-Member: RM47
Tau Sar Piah / Mung Bean Biscuits [12 nos] - Member: RM23 | Non-Member: RM26
Red Bean Paste Biscuits [12 nos] - Member: RM23 | Non-Member: RM26
Pandan Cookies - RM6
Cooked / Raw Pu-Er Tea Cake - Member: RM78 | Non-Member: RM98
Durian Biscuits [12 nos] - Member: RM48 | Non-member: RM58

Location: The Bakery entrance, Genting Grand
Daily from 10am – 10pm