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Awana Garden offers a whole new steamboat experience.

A hot pot meal in the cool mountain air is one of the most pleasurable dining experiences to be had. Leave it up to Resorts World Awana to up the ante, however, with a new concept that revitalizes a veritable institution in Malaysian dining, by combining sustainability, a farm-to-table concept and an exciting roll-out of new soup bases for the resort’s all-new Awana Garden restaurant.

Part of the refurbishment and uplift of the much-loved golfer’s destination, Awana Garden is a beautiful addition to the resort’s restaurants, with its luxe neutrals, jute, rattan and wicker accents, and clean Scandinavian design ethic. Natural light floods the atrium-like setting, while the cool mountain air is warmed by delicious whiffs of steam rising from gently bubbling hot pots. 

Awana Garden offers the entire steamboat experience, only on a much-elevated level. In keeping with their premise of serving the best, the menu offers seafood and meat platters designed to give diners a sampling of the most tender morsels of meat, as well as the freshest seafood. Their in-house made pastes are also noteworthy, being produced with high meat content to ensure they are infused with the luxuriant taste and texture of fish, squid and prawn.

Farm-to-table concept

While most hot pot restaurants use vegetables as bulk for their hot pot meals, at Awana Garden, the vegetables take centerstage, as they are sourced from the Atrium Greenhouse within the resort itself. Resorts World is the first Malaysian hospitality group to consider sustainability and the shortening of their food-chain as they design new F&B concepts. 

With Awana Garden, the idea is for a large part of the fresh produce on the menu to come from the resort itself. The resort is so committed to this goal that it has an agriculturist on its staff whose key role is to ensure the fecundity and productivity of the greenhouse. The success of the venture is evident, as Awana Garden also makes available boxes of fresh produce that diners can purchase for their own consumption. Among the resort-grown vegetables on the menu are a variety of leafy greens and mushrooms.

The farm-to-table concept is further emphasized by the use of ingredients gleaned from the forest trails of Awana including wild Tongkat Ali (Eurycoma Longifolia), a traditional Malaysian herb known for its energizing, anti-aging, and strengthening properties.

Mix and match flavors

Awana Garden has designed a selection of out-of-the-norm soups which will serve as the base to its hot pot meals.

The Awana Gear Box Special, a nod to a local Malay favorites, is a hearty, meaty soup which utilizes beef marrow bones simmered for hours to extract flavor. 

The Collagen Essence soup base is made by simmering chicken feet and chicken carcasses for a minimum of six hours in order to extract the collagen, before the addition of locally bred sturgeon fish bones. This provides the highest level of collagen available from a marine source. 

The Oriental Herb Medley is a Chinese soup derived from slow-cooked chicken infused with the medicinal herbs’ yok chok and tong sum, together with wolfberries, red dates and Genting wild tea. This preparation helps in the cleansing of blood, and the balancing of energy or qi.


Diners can choose to have a single, twin or quarter pot of soup bases, allowing them to mix and match flavors and taste profiles. For RM3, diners can also avail themselves to a free flow of the many condiments available at the restaurant, which include kung po sauce, sesame, seafood, wasabi and fine soy sauce. 

Awana Garden seats 143 people, and has two private dining rooms. A Halal certified restaurant, all food is prepared in the resorts Halal kitchen.

Location: Lobby Floor, Resorts World Awana

Awana Garden Business Hour
Breakfast : 7am - 11am
Hi - Tea : 3pm - 5pm
Hot Pot & Local : 6pm - 9:30pm
*Last order at 9pm

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Suite Surprise  

Valid from: 01.04.2024

Enjoy complimentary Breakfast & High Tea set at Awana Garden Hospitality Lounge

Breakfast: 7am - 11am
High Tea: 3pm - 5pm
*Free flow of coffee, tea, and chilled juice

We’ve prepared a suite surprise for our most distinguished guests! Book a Suite room and get complimentary daily breakfast and high tea set to enhance your stay.

Redemption of daily breakfast and high tea set can be made at the dedicated Hospitality Lounge. Located at Awana Garden, guests can look forward to stunning views of the golf course from its open air verandah while taking in the verdant greens of the restaurant, itself home to various plants that enjoy the atrium-like nature of the restaurant.

Guests who book higher-tiered suites can also bring other guests along with them to enjoy the food. Read the entitlements for guests below:


Room Type Breakfast High Tea No. of Guests
Mansion  ✓  
Villa 4
Executive Suite 2
Club Suite 2

Walk-in Rates

Breakfast High Tea Set
Adult – RM68
Children/Seniors – RM48
RM98 for two (02) pax

Children: 5 to 12 | Seniors: Aged 60 and above

  • Complimentary daily breakfast and high tea set are exclusive for guests who stay in Suite rooms: Club Suite, Executive Suite, Villa, and Mansion.
  • Free flow of coffee, tea, and chilled juice.
  • Walk-in guests are required to pay regular rates

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