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Genting Malaysia Berhad (GENM) ICAEW Chartered Accountant programme is offered to those vibrant, qualified, dedicated applicants who are interested in enrolling. It is a 3-year training programme in accounting and finance, combining hands-on experience with academic study to be an ICAEW member.

What makes our programme special?

  • Valuable experience with annual rotations across various business segments
  • Mentorship by senior management team
  • Opportunities for international placements for top performers
Operations Finance Manager (Genting UK)
Bachelor of Business in Accounting, Banking and Finance
Victoria University Australia 2006
Completed ICAEW in December 2009
The Associated Chartered Accountant (“ACA”) brand is a prestigious business qualification and I want to be part of it. The examinations and training programme has integrated components to build a sound technical knowledge, professional skills and practical experience needed for an ACA.

Completing ICAEW examination stage by stage is not easy, especially having to juggle between work and study. It requires self-discipline, good time management and also depends on the performance on the examination day. Genting Malaysia as the Approved Training Organisation (“ATO”) by the Institute has provided full support to this programme by giving study leave and privileges of rotating to different divisions within the Finance Department.

During the first 3 years of my training contract, I was rotated to various Finance Divisions that enabled me to gain understanding on the business operations of a company specialising in leisure and hospitality. I was attached to the Group Reporting division after I completed my ICAEW examinations. My core responsibilities included consolidating the Group’s performance for presentation to the management team and announcement of results in Bursa Malaysia in compliance with the listing requirement. I am happy that I have built my reporting skills during the initial years as it is a fundamental skill for an accountant for future career progression.

From the Group Reporting team, I moved on to the Operations Finance under the Theme Park division and Casino Division before my secondment to Genting UK Casinos. My current role as the Operations Finance Manager for London includes analysing business performance, developing useful business intelligence tools for managing risks and identifying potential business opportunities.

A professional accounting qualification is important for future career progression. Selecting the right employer is equally important as it will transform your career into a rewarding one, in terms of your personal development and exposure.


Senior Finance Executive – Casino
Bachelor of Science (Hons), Biotechnology & Immunology
Monash University 2009
Completed ICAEW in December 2013
I applied for the ICAEW Chartered Accountant programme under GENM back in 2011 as I was attracted by the full scholarship for a prestigious professional qualification coupled with the opportunity to work in one of the largest public listed companies in Malaysia. It was a privilege to be one of the selected few to join this programme. Despite its length of 3 years, which may seem rather intimidating at first, time passed really quickly for me as everyday there are always new and exciting things to learn.

During my training period, my work rotations exposed me to various financial business segments within the company such as casino, hospitality, theme park, tours and transport where I learned key functions including management accounting, financial reporting, taxation and corporate planning. Topics covered in the ICAEW ACA course complemented my practical learning experience, and I am particularly grateful for the strong support given by my fellow colleagues and superiors.

After completing the programme recently, I have been working in the casino team - a truly unique opportunity to better understand the gaming industry. I believe that the ICAEW programme has been a great stepping stone for me, which will help me grow further within the company. I would recommend this programme to those who are interested in obtaining a chartered accountant qualification while also gaining relevant work exposure at the same time. Undeniably, the programme is a challenging one that requires a lot of dedication and perseverance. Take up the challenge to experience a rewarding journey which will be an achievement that you can be very proud of.


Second year of ICAEW
Bachelor of Engineering
Australian National University 2013
My name is Yong Jenn Yu; I graduated from The Australian National University in 2013 with an honours degree in Mechanical Engineering. When I returned home to Malaysia, I applied for the ICAEW Finance Training Program and was very happy to be accepted into Genting Malaysia Berhad.

The ICAEW qualification, ACA, is recognized worldwide, highly focused to those individuals having an ambition to venture their career in accountancy or business. The advantage of having a training contract with Genting Malaysia is the diversity and flexibility that the company can offer in terms of job scope.

When I began the course, I found the learning curve steep; I think that this can be attributed at least partially to my lack of training in accountancy. Therefore I was really grateful for my colleagues who were generous with their time and advice, to help guide me during challenging periods and talked me through my moments of self doubt.

The ACA training programme is structured with sufficient study leave, so that I can prepare for my exams thoroughly. At the same time, the working platform in Genting is tailored to match my progress through the ACA syllabus. This enables me to observe and practice in real life situations the theoretical aspects of the syllabus.

The programme is designed to rotate me regularly through many departments, so that I may join various teams working on different aspects of the company’s operations during my training period. Although it is difficult to adjust to new teams and new practices often, I think that this is one of the greatest advantages to the Genting ACA Finance Training programme because this has provided me with firsthand experience of the worldwide operations of a global corporation.

To those who are interested in pursuing this career path, Genting Malaysia Berhad is the optimal choice as an authorized training employer, particularly if you are looking for a challenging and fast-paced working environment.