How is the new Genting Rewards programme better?
This programme rewards members for all their spending at the resort in a transparent and easy to understand way. Whether you are a gaming or a non-gaming member, you will be able to enjoy the same benefits across the resort, at the same tier level. We’ve also upgraded the benefits and rewards across tiers to reward members more for their loyalty. By participating in this programme, members will be able to earn and redeem at all participating outlets at the Resort. 

What are Tier Points (TP)?
Tier Points are used to determine your membership tier status on an annual basis. Tier Points earned in a calendar year will be used to determine your membership status for the next calendar year. If you qualify for an upgrade, this change in status is reflected immediately in the same calendar year, and also applies for the next calendar year. Tier Points have no monetary value and cannot be used in lieu of cash.

How do I earn Tier Points?
Tier Points can be earned resort-wide through gaming and non-gaming activities. For every Genting Point earned in a calendar year, you will earn an equivalent Tier Point.

When does the Tier Points system take effect?
Tier points will retroactively take effect as of January 2017. For all Genting Points earned between January 1, 2017 and April 30, 2017, equivalent Tier Points will be added to your account on May 1 2017. Therefore, the Tier Points you earn in 2017 will include all qualifying gaming and non-gaming spend for the full calendar year.

Will my Tier Points expire?
Tier Points are only applicable for the calendar year in which they are earned, and will reset to 0 at the beginning of each year.

What will happen to Tier Points at the end of the year?
Since Tier Points are earned on an annual basis, your Tier Points will automatically reset to zero on January 1 of every calendar year. This does not impact your Genting Points.

How do I earn Genting Points?
We appreciate your interest in the Genting Rewards programme. To earn Genting Points (GP), use your Genting Rewards card in your purchase of hotel room, food and beverage, transport, entertainment, shopping or when you see outlets displaying “Genting Rewards Accepted Here” sticker or signs at the resort. You will be awarded with 1GP for every RM100 spent at participating outlets. Please note that GP is awarded based on cash, credit card or GeMCash purchases only. Your Genting Rewards card must be presented at the time of purchase in order to earn GP.

For the list of participating outlets,please click here.

Where can I redeem products using my Genting Points?
You can use your Genting Points at the Resorts World Genting at all participating outlets.

Will my Genting Points expire?
Yes, they will expire in three years’ time without any earning transaction performance.

If I spend and use my Genting Points for redemption, will my Tier Points be deducted as well?
No, your Tier Points will not be deducted as they have no monetary value and only determine your membership tier status.

Will card status have to be earned every year?
Yes, Silver/SkySilver and Gold/SkyGold status has to be earned every year. Once you qualify for the next level you will be automatically upgraded.
How can I upgrade my Rewards Card status?
Member has to collect/earn the pre-requisite Tier Points (TP) in order to upgrade to the next tier
Silver / SkySilver : 100 TP
Gold / SkyGold : 300 TP
Platinum : 10,000 TP and by invitation only  

I have a supplementary card for my spouse. Will the status of the supplementary card change if there is a change in my card tier?
All supplementary cards are tied to the status of the primary card and will change in status if the primary card’s status has changed.

Your Genting Rewards card is your unique identity for earning rewards and spending Genting Points at our resort. For the safety and security of your personal information, here are some tips to ensure your Genting Rewards PIN and mobile login is not easily compromised.

How do I get upgraded?
Once you achieve the required Tier Points for the next level, you may approach any Guest Services counters to verify your profile and proceed with your upgrading. Kindly login to the website/mobile app/kiosk to check your status.

If I get upgraded, will my Genting Points be transferred to my new card status?
Yes, all of your points will be transferred to your new card type. The validity of your Tier Points will continue for the same calendar year.I have received notification to be upgraded to the next tier.

I have received notification to be upgraded to the next tier. Will I be automatically upgraded?
No, your status will not be automatically upgraded. Kindly approach our 24-hour Guest Services counters to verify your profile and proceed with your upgrading.

What is a SkyCard?
Part of the new Genting Rewards Programme, SkyCards cater to members who are underage (i.e. below 21), Malaysian Muslims, as well as to those that do not want to game in the resort casinos. Similar to the Classic, Silver, and Gold cards for the gaming members, the SkyProgramme has SkyClassic, SkySilver, and SkyGold cards for non-gaming members.

If I am under 21 years of age, can I apply for a Classic Card?
You cannot apply for a Classic Card if you are under the age of 21. You are eligible to apply for a SkyClassic Card if you are under 21 years old.

After I turn 21, do I continue using the SkyClassic Card?
Yes, after you turn 21 you can continue using your SkyClassic Card. If you wish to game in a resort casino after turning 21, you will need to switch over to a Casino Card. Any Genting Points balance on your SkyCard will be transferred over to the new Card.I am in the SkyProgramme.

I am in the SkyProgramme. Do I receive fewer benefits than the same tier in the gaming programme?
Your benefits for SkyClassic, SkySilver and SkyGold are similar to those of the gaming programme. The only exception is the SkyProgramme does not offer gaming related benefits (e.g. access to VIP gaming rooms).

I’ve received notification to be upgraded to the next tier. Will I be automatically upgraded?
No, your new membership tier would not be automatically reflected in the system. Kindly approach our 24-hour Guest Services counters to verify your profile and to proceed with your upgrading.

Is there any age requirement?
Yes, you must be 18 years of age or older at the time of sign up.

How can I sign up?
You may sign up through the following options:

a) at any Guest Services counter at the resort
b) through online
c) through RWG (Genting) mobile app

If you sign up through online or the mobile app, make sure that you fill out all the mandatory fields. Please note that your password must consist of 8-15 alphanumeric characters.

How do I sign in to my account?
You will be prompted to sign in with the following options:

a) your membership ID and PIN No
b) your email address and password

Effective 26.04.2018, all members who sign in with their membership ID and PIN No will be prompted to update their unique email address and password which they will use for any subsequent sign-ins.

After a member has submitted his/her email address and password online, an email will be sent to his/her email for verification purposes. He/she must click on the “Activate my account” link to activate his/her new sign in credentials within seven (7) days from the day the email was sent.

How to use fingerprint to sign in via RWG mobile app?
If your device can support Touch ID or fingerprint authentication, then a message will appear to prompt you to “Enable Fingerprint Sign In” or “Cancel”. If you proceed to “Enable Fingerprint Sign In”, you will be requested to authenticate your fingerprint with Genting Rewards so that your account can be linked to your fingerprint. Once this step is completed, your subsequent sign in will be authenticated via your fingerprint.

How do I change/reset my password?

You can change your password online anytime if you

a) have registered a valid email address with us and
b) can still sign in to your current account

After signing in to your account on the website, click “View My Account” and you will be redirected to the “Profile” page. Click on “Reset Password” to proceed to change your password. Please note that your password must consist of 8-15 alphanumeric characters.

What if I forgot my password?
Just go to our “Sign In” page and click/tap on “Forgot Password”. You must enter the email address that you have registered with us and a reset password link will be sent to your email account.

If you have not registered your email address with Genting Rewards, please email: with your particulars.


Tip Keselamatan & Sekuriti Untuk Kad Genting Rewards Anda

Kad Genting Rewards ialah identiti unik anda untuk memperoleh ganjaran dan membelanjakan Mata Ganjaran di resort kami. Untuk keselamatan dan sekuriti maklumat peribadi anda, berikut ialah beberapa petua untuk memastikan PIN dan log masuk mudah alih Genting Rewards anda tidak mudah terjejas.


  • Simpan kad Genting Rewards anda di tempat yang selamat
  • Tutup pad kekunci apabila anda memasukkan PIN anda
  • Tetapkan kata laluan yang kukuh dan unik untuk akaun keahlian Genting Rewards anda


  • JANGAN kongsi PIN/ kata laluan anda dengan orang lain, walaupun dengan rakan atau keluarga anda. Sila rahsiakan PIN/kata laluan anda.
  • JANGAN kongsi PIN/kata laluan anda melalui e-mel, aplikasi pemesejan segera, panggilan telefon, SMS atau sebarang cara komunikasi lain yang tidak selamat.
  • JANGAN hantar kad Genting Rewards anda kepada orang lain untuk digunakan. Anda bertanggungjawab untuk mencegah penyalahgunaan kad anda untuk mengelakkan sebarang akibat yang tidak dapat diramalkan yang boleh menyebabkan keahlian anda ditamatkan.

Jika anda kehilangan kad Genting Rewards atau mendapati kad Genting Rewards anda disalahgunakan, sila hubungi kami dengan segera melalui saluran komunikasi ini:

  • Emel kami di
  • Hubungi kami di talian hotline keahlian kami di +603 6105 2028
  • Hubungi Kaunter Perkhidmatan Tetamu di lokasi ini:
    • Aras 2, Pintu masuk SkyCasino (buka 24/7)
    • Aras lobi, Genting Grand (sebelum ini dikenali sebagai Visitors Galleria, buka 24/7)


Kemas Kini PIN e-CASH

Mulai 02.01.2022, ahli Genting Rewards akan dikehendaki mengemas kini PIN e-CASH baharu yang mengandungi sekurang-kurangnya 6 digit. Ini adalah sebahagian daripada usaha berterusan kami untuk memastikan sistem yang selamat dan terjamin untuk semua transaksi anda.

Lawati mana-mana kemudahan hari ini untuk mengemas kini PIN e-TUNAI anda di:

  • Mesin slot
  • Mesin Permainan Meja Elektronik (ETG)
  • iKiosk
  • Kaunter Perkhidmatan Tetamu Genting Rewards

Jika anda memerlukan sebarang bantuan, kakitangan kami yang bertugas dengan senang hati akan membantu.

Apakah PIN e-CASH?
PIN e-CASH ialah kod rahsia yang anda pilih untuk membuktikan bahawa anda adalah pemegang sah akaun e-CASH di bawah kad Genting Rewards. 

Untuk apa PIN e-CASH?
Anda memerlukan PIN e-CASH untuk mengesahkan transaksi atau aktiviti tertentu di resort, seperti pengeluaran e-CASH, penebusan baucar dan banyak lagi. 

Adakah PIN e-CASH 4 digit semasa saya sah selepas 02.01.2022?
PIN e-CASH 4 digit akan diterima untuk log masuk sekali sahaja. Selepas itu, anda akan dikehendaki menukar PIN e-CASH anda kepada sekurang-kurangnya 6 digit. 

Saya ingin mendapatkan maklumat lanjut tentang PIN e-CASH.
Sila hubungi kami di atau hubungi +603 2718 1118 untuk bantuan.